Wired Handsfree Telephone Headset Charm – Silver

$14.99 $7.99

Headset charm for wired telephone headsets. Can also clip on purses and keychains.


These charms can be used to add some colour and personality to a wired telephone handsfree headset for call centre employees or office workers that have to wear these headsets while talking on the phone all day. Even for those that work from home and are on conference calls. Can also be used as a purse charm or keychain charm as well.

Why not add a little bling to it with one of these headset charms that clip on the cord with a lobster clasp just above the cord clip on the headsets.

Comes in many colours, sizes and charms. Buy them to match your outfits or your mood.

This charm has 3 links with silver chain and charms. Approximately  6.25″ long on a silver lobster clasp to hold securely to the headset cable.