Christmas is coming upon us fast. Seems like there is lots of time to get your Christmas shopping done but it runs out before you know it. Get a head start and buy from small businesses that help the families that depend on sales and not the big box stores that lines the pockets of the ones that don’t need it.

Box of Hugs is working on the Christmas line that will be posted October 19 2019. This year we can give two lucky people the chance to take advantage of the last two Tuesdays of the Canada Post offer of Free Shipping Tuesdays for the month of October! Get your order in and be one of the first two that will save save save. The price of shipping in Canada is outrageous so be sure to watch October 19 2019 and take a look at the Christmas line for 2019!

We cherish those special moments in life.

A box of memories
Save those special moments in your custom Memory box

Box of Hugs creates a beautiful way for you to display those moments on an altered mixed media canvas or container of your choice.

Every piece that we custom design with items that you share can be incorporated with the mixed media materials to design a personalized keepsake that holds those memories that you do not want to forget.

Parents can blend pieces of fabric, photo or an item with the baby items. Add the date of birth of the parents and baby and you have a lovely keepsake to always remember that wonderful moment.

Graduations are a transition from childhood to becoming an independent adult and what better way to remember all those years leading up to this day than a altered mixed media box that you can keep those school report cards, school pictures and more.