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Being Creative, Being Sensible

When I started Box of Hugs in 2016, I knew exactly what I wanted this business to be. It was going to A box full of handmade natural products, activity and comfort items for those that were ill and would be an alternative to flowers and gift baskets full of sugary treats.  After 6 months, I look around my house, I see that I am pretty darn creative when I didn’t think that I could even colour coordinate a room.  I am so creative that my house is full of all my hard work and planning and now I don’t know exactly what I want Box of Hugs to be. I want to do everything! Now anyone with any sense at all would know right away that this is an impossible feat.  Too much of this and too many of that and all you have is a full house of creativity that no one even knows about.  Why? Because when there are several different scents, colours, sizes and ingredients of one type of product, it’s hard to market, right?  Who has the time or the money to make all these labels and buy all that packaging? Not someone just starting a business for sure.  What happens is I give most of my products away because there are only a few of each and its too time consuming to post on the website and not very cost effective to print a couple of labels on a full sheet. Not a very good business plan but I sure have been able to experiment with different recipes by adding a little bit of this and a little of that until I am happy with the end product.


Whats the next step for Box of Hugs? I am going to pick the top one or two products in each category and perfect those instead of trying to do it all.  That’s where I need your help.  For those that have used the products that you purchased or received as a gift, what is your favourite and your least favourite and why and for those that have not bought any Box of Hugs products, what would you like to see and what is it that does not appeal to you.  In order to have a great business that will be a household name, I have to make and carry products that you will want to buy and come back for more.


I understand that you’re all so busy but if you could send an email to with your comments and ideas, I would be so grateful as I can take that information and make this Shop one that you will think of when you have to buy a gift for a loved one or for yourself.  I love making all these products and can’t wait to hear from you.