Catch & Release Fisherman’s Soap


Do you have a fisherman in your life or do you love fishing and they are just not biting? Buy this bar of handmade bar soap made with coconut oil, olive pomace oil, anise oil, activated charcoal and spirulina.

My husband is an avid fisherman.  He loves to fish and does it all winter in the Niagara Region.  You may think he is out of his mind, like I do, but the River is full of many other fishermen just like him.  He said that anise oil is an attractant to fish so he puts some on his lures. That gave me this idea for the Catch & Release Bar Soap. The ingredients in this soap are added because of the research that I have done on what works to attract fish. The anise is believed to either cover up odours on the hands or they really like it. The activated charcoal is good for drawing out toxins in the skin, which would wash away odours and spirulina is from algae that is found in salt and fresh water. All together, this Bar of soap will be the winner. Each bar is approximately 65 g and is in a plastic resealable bag so that you can wash and put the bar away. To make the bar last longer, try to air dry between uses.

Pair it up with the Catch & Release Hand Spray to use between washing. Made with anise oil and spirulina to rid your hands of u wanted scents and leVes the fish attracting scent of anise behind.

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Do you have a fisherman in your life or do you love to fish and they are just not biting? Use the Catch & Release Fishermans Bar Soap. The ingredients are selected for the properties that when used to wash hands after eating, smoking or just normal activities, this will get rid of unwanted odours and will leave your hands with a light scent of anise oil that fish love.

The spirulina gives the soap the green swirls and is from algae from salt and fresh water. Has a slight outdoors scent that will cover up human scents. The activated charcoal is the black swirls and releases toxins in the skin and will wash away unwanted scents and it has the added benefit if keeping scratches and abrasion clean and will heal faster.

Each bar of 65 g soap comes in a resealable bag and just the right size to fit in your hand comfortably.

Pair this soap with the Catch & Release Hand Spray to use between washings.

Catch & Release Fisherman’s Hand Spray

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