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We love soap!

Shop for homemade soaps. I make our soaps using the hot process and that makes the texture a little bit on the rustic side and does not have as smooth of a finish as the cold process method.

Homemade Soap

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Our chemical-free, lovingly handmade products are the perfect touch for any gift.

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Soap of the Month Club

Do you love handmade soap and don’t know where to find any?
Would you love to try different handmade soaps?

Find out how you can get 4 (120g/4 oz) bars of handmade soap delivered to your house every month from Box of Hugs! You get four different types of bars made with combinations of oil, scents and colours that make each bar unique. Keep one in each shower and sink in your home.

You pay $30 and you get 4 large handmade bars of soap and that includes shipping anywhere in Canada. PLUS each box will have samples of other products that we carry. You can give them as gifts but once you try them, you will want them all for yourself!

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Care Packages

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for that special gift for someone and all you can find are the same candies and flowers that everyone buys.

That’s how Box Of Hugs started. I was tired of buying gifts that were the same as what everyone else buys because that is all there is to choose from.  I had been making my own natural products for years. They are safer for me, my family and the environment so why not share what I make with you and your loved ones.  We have something for every budget and every occasion.

* All natural products for a new baby or mother

* Suffering from allergies or sensitivities and wanting awesome products you can rely on

* A gift for someone who is chronically ill or just had surgery 

* Birthdays, job promotion, thank you gift, new home. Whatever the occasion we have the perfect gift

Our care packages are assembled with specially-crafted, handmade items, so you can bring a little piece of home to wherever your loved ones are. Buy one of our premade care packages or contact us and we can custom make your box with just the items that you want. Care package items can include:

  • Lip balm
  • Handmade soaps – We make our soaps using the Hot Process.  The look of the soap tends to be a little bit on the rustic side and does not have as smooth of a finish as the cold process method.
  • Bath bombs
  • Body butter
  • Hand lotion
  • Odour Depart Spray – Similar to Poo Pourri
  • Natural hand sanitizer
  • Custom tea blend – Made for Box of Hugs
  • Room and linen spray
  • Lozenges for dry mouth
  • Activity book add-ons
  • Hand crocheted lap blankets, shawls and infinity scarves

Each item in your care package is intended to promote relaxation, healing, and comfort. Even when you can’t be there, you can show your support to the people you love.

We specialize in custom made products

Want a special scent or colour? We can do that for an extra cost as we make everything in small batches and we may have to special order an ingredient. In fact we love creating custom products the most because it is more personable. Tell us what you would like to have the soap, lip balm, body butter and hand lotion smell and look like and we will do our best to make it for you. We use therapeutic grade essential oils for healing and emotion inducing properties and high quality fragrance oils that have a better variety of scents. Our colours are oxides, micas and pigments and also spices found in a kitchen so everything is naturally coloured.
Contact us today so that we can put together a beautiful hand crafted, hand selected gift box for you to enjoy or to give to a loved one that would like a Box of Hugs if you can’t be there.
Shipping available and free local pickup if you are in the Niagara Region.


Each product in our box is carefully handmade. Everyone loves a homemade touch!

Chemical-Free Products

Good, wholesome products go a long way. That’s why we only use organic whenever possible, chemical-free items to fill our boxes. It makes them safe for everyone!

Made With Love

More than anything, we want your loved ones to feel your care when they receive our boxes - as if they were getting a warm hug directly from you.

About Us

I could not find a suitable gift for someone special in my life that was diagnosed with a life limiting illness.  All there was to choose from was food baskets and flowers. That just didn’t seem appropriate so when I found out that my job was being eliminated, I decided that I would start a business that would fill that need to have the option for gifts that are safe for everyone in the family and the environment.

BOX OF HUGS was created to fill the need for comforting, sensible and practical gifts for people adverse to chemicals, scents and additives.

To us, personal touches of warmth and comfort make all the difference. That’s why we do what we do. We want to help you connect to friends and family members in a way that is meaningful and thoughtful, always.

So, whether you’re far away or just down the street, let Box of Hugs help you share the love.

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