Box of Hugs has a gift for every occasion

Box of Hugs is an alternative to flowers and gift baskets.

Check out our selection of care boxes, kits and individual items to build your own custom gift box. Let us know how much you want to spend and a bit about who the gift is for and let us make a unique custom gift set that is sure to please. Fill out the form below with the details and we will get right back to you for the details.

We also make custom soap and bath products with the scent and colour you want*.

*Minimum purchase

Take a look at the ingredients in the products you use at home everyday and see if you can recognize everything that is in there. I can tell you that all the ingredients that we use are safe to use, have been researched carefully and most of it you can apply on its own but works better in combination with the other ingredients that are combined.

I have many testimonies from my customers that have severe adverse reactions to chemicals, can come into our home where we make the product and use all our products without any reactions except for saying how wonderful everything smells. How nice is that for those that have not been able to enjoy the scents of florals, citruses and all the other scents that we take for granted can finally be around them now!

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