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Box of Hugs is your gift alternative.


Check out our Etsy Shop for all new greeting cards and journals.


Need a gift for someone special that is different and unique or do you just want to pamper yourself? Don’t tell anyone but there is a little surprise in every gift set. Could be a ring, charm, necklace or an extra product thrown in just because we love surprises.

Want a gift that is made with natural ingredients? Try our soaps and other bath and beauty products that are scented with high quality fragrance oils and/or therapeutic essential oils and we even make UNSCENTED. Even those with adverse reactions to chemical scents can use our products.

Want to customize a product or gift set? We can make that happen! We can make a loaf of soap of your selection to give you 10 large bars of soap and also bath bombs, lotions, sprays and more and we can label and name it what ever you like! *Minimum purchase required.

Contact us at info@boxofhugs.com for details or fill out the form below.

Take a look at our store and come back often because new products and gift sets are added all the time.

Interested in learning how to make mixed media greeting cards or junk journals using bits and pieces of up-cycled material? Have a party and make an evening of it with your friends!  Contact us at info@boxofhugs.com for details or fill out the form below.


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