Box of Hugs has a new look! I am doing a complete make-over of Box of Hugs. When I decided to start this business a year ago, it was to provide an alternative gift buying selection for those that are going through a difficult time in their lives.  I wanted to be able to offer care packages that contained and showcased local crafters and artisans from the Niagara Region.  Each item or product would be hand selected with health and wellness in mind.  I would select things that I would like to receive if I were diagnosed with a life limiting illness, going through grief or depression, cancer treatment or convalescent.  Somehow along the way, I had lost that vision and now I am moving back towards that concept that I felt that I needed to do and it's even stronger now.  The products and care packages that are on here now are handmade by me. The new care packages will contain items and products that I find in the area that are unique and up to my high standards.  This venture will help support local small businesses and will eventually help those in need by donating a percentage of the sales towards making packages of personal care items for organizations and assisted living residences.  Help me make a difference with your support by purchasing from Box of Hugs and supporting local small businesses in the Niagara Region. Thank you Joanne Cannings

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