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Our chemical-free, lovingly handmade products are the perfect touch for any gift. Made with most ingredients that are found in any kitchen.

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We all have had someone we care about go through a life changing event and the first thing we want to do is get a gift in hopes that it will make them feel better so that they know that they are in our thoughts.

Instead of sending flowers or a gift basket full of unnecessary treats, send them a Box of Hugs. Everyone loves hugs and what better way to give one, if you can’t be there, is to have them open a box full of handmade products that are chemical free and will heal, cleanse and be safe for all skin types.

What can Box of Hugs do for you?

We make UNSCENTED soap, body butter, lip balm, deodorant even unscented bath bombs that will add colour to the bath water made from natural colourants like spices, flowers and herbs for those that are adverse to scents and chemicals along with a wide variety of scents and colours that will suit everyone’s tastes from soaps to linen sprays.


We love to make custom made handmade products that you design!* Pick a scent and a colour and we will do our best to make your Box of Hugs something that will bring a smile to the lucky person that gets to open one even if that person is YOU! We all need to be pampered, don’t we? How about a caregiver? Make someone’s day with a surprise gift for no other reason but to say Thank You!

Box of Hugs is committed to making products that use minimal ingredients that are fresh and sustainable and can be found most times in the kitchen. Everything is made in small batches using care to make sure that each one is up to the highest quality and standards from start to the end.

*Minimum order and payment cleared before product is made.


Each product in our box is carefully handmade. Everyone loves a homemade touch!

Chemical-Free Products

Good, wholesome products go a long way. That’s why we only use organic whenever possible, chemical-free items to fill our boxes. It makes them safe for everyone!

Made With Love

More than anything, we want your loved ones to feel your care when they receive our boxes - as if they were getting a warm hug directly from you.

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Make a meaningful moment for someone you love.